Peer Facilitator Application
Peer Facilitator Assessment
Are you willing to participate as a group participant prior to being considered for a facilitator or co-facilitator?
Are you willing to complete 27.5 hours of online, in class, and demonstration training on Grace After Fire Peer Support Model.
You understand that if selected to facilitate or co-facilitate Grace After Fire peer groups, you will not receive any monetary or other compensation. You understand that your participation is strictly voluntary.
You have easy access to reliable transportation to get to and from peer groups in your area. Grace After Fire will not reimburse for mileage or car repairs.
I am committed to facilitating or co-facilitating a GAF peer support for at least one full cycle. Group sessions will take place once a week, every other week, or a total of 12 weeks. Be advised that group members may elect to hold groups weekly. If this happens you agree to hold groups that are convenient for the group.
Have you had mental health issues in the past that have been addressed in treatment?
Are you able to listen to other’s stories calmly, even when they parallel painful places in you past?
Do you have knowledge of community resources?
Are you able to help peers navigate the Veterans Administration system?
Do you have a personal wellness plan that you use to care for yourself emotionally and physically?
Do you feel you are culturally competent and able to facilitate groups with members of diverse backgrounds (ie you understand how stereotyping, stigmas , and other values related to various cultures) and are able to handle issues that arise concerning race and culture?
Are you willing to assist in locating meeting locations where peer groups can be held?
Are you available to attend quarterly meetings to participate in facilitator training?
(mileage and childcare will be provided by Grace After Fire)
Are you available during the work week to attend stakeholder meetings? The purpose of the meeting is to introduce facilitators to community partners and discover resources in the community.
Will you need childcare to attend stakeholder meetings and or training? If so, please indicate how many children need care -Number of children needing childcare: